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Trustee MEETING 2nd Tuesday of each Month- 6pm

(confirm on calendar)

**LOCATION UPDATE 2-8-2023**

Beginning Tuesday February 14, 2023 through April 28, 2023

Western Reserve Road between Southern Blvd and South Avenue will be CLOSED TO THROUGH traffic between the hours of 7:00am to 5:30pm.  The Closure will be broken into three(3) Phases:


Phase 1- Southern Blvd to Indian Creek Starting 2/14/2023 to 3/3/2023
Phase 2- Indian Creek to Crossroad Starting 3/6/2023 to 3/24/2023
Phase 3- Crossroad to South Ave Starting 3/27/2023 to 4/28/2023


All businesses, homes, shops, etc. within this corridor are open to traffic going to any of these locations.

Law enforcement officers will allow vehicles who are going to a local establishment to reach their destination.


Depending on the current location of the contractor, vehicles may be directed by law enforcement to enter from the other side to reach their intended destination. If you are directed by law enforcement to the opposite side follow the established detour and then enter from the opposite side.


All traffic will be permitted through the work zone between the hours of 5:30pm to 7:00am.

Notice February 13, 2023


Aqua Ohio is providing an update regarding the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Aqua is closely monitoring the cleanup of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Aqua is closely monitoring the cleanup of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. We are in regular contact with representatives from the Ohio EPA and US EPA who continue to advise that there is no current threat to our source water related to the spill, subsequent burning of the hazardous materials or evolving weather conditions. Aqua does not provide water or wastewater services to the derailment location and the watershed where the derailment occurred is not connected to Aqua’s source water. Further, air quality tests have not demonstrated a cause for concern. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are conducting extra tests and we are prepared to make additional adjustments to our treatment process if needed. We will continue to work closely with state and federal agencies to ensure safe and clean water for our customers.

This is a notice from NOPEC directly about the township’s electric aggregation:


Your community is a member of NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) and you are currently enrolled in NOPEC’s governmental electric aggregation Standard Program Price until January 2023. As you may be aware, for reasons beyond NOPEC’s control, the market price of electricity has spiked dramatically in 2022 and increases could continue into 2023. NOPEC was formed to protect your interests in the energy marketplace and believes that you will pay a lower price if you temporarily receive electricity through your electric utility during the next several months. As such, NOPEC is returning your account to the electric utility beginning with your next meter read, which may take one to two billing cycles. There is no action required by you and as a reminder you will not be charged a fee from NOPEC to make this change. We value you as a NOPEC customer. NOPEC plans to resume its electric aggregation program in the spring of 2023. We look forward to serving you again at that time. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please visit the NOPEC website at or contact NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201.


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