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Beaver Township

Administration Department

Phone Number /Hours
Monday - Friday
8 am - 4 pm


Beaver Township is located in Mahoning County and was Established in 1811! Township is managed by 3 Trustees and a Fiscal officer, elected by the people.


Township Trustees

Ron Kappler

No Email

Pamela Simmons

Erik Tabor

Fiscal Officer


Richard Lotze


Administrative Assistant


Tracey Parks

Erik Tabor,Ron Kappler, Pamela Simmons

Welcome to the Trustee Page. Every 2nd Tuesday we meet at the administrative building at 11999 South Ave, North Lima, Ohio. Promptly at 6pm on meeting days we begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. During the meeting reports from Departments are given. At the end of the meeting we invite public response. We are happy to serve the residents of this fine community! Confirm the meeting with our calendar, as things do arise and changes can happen. Hope we can meet you at one of our meetings.

Trustee Meeting

Precinct  Map

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